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Banner advertising is more effective today than ever before, possibly due to better ad placement and a major increase of high traffic, high quality content related websites. And now with new advertisement standards, banner ads are getting more clicks, more traffic and as a result, online stores are getting more sales as well.

Furthermore, a banner advertising campaign is easier to set up today than it was several years ago, and best of all, you can do it yourself. The only task that you have to accomplish is to create an effective banner that causes people to click on it. You can make your own banner for free or with a free banner creator program. Or you can hire a banner designer to make it for you as well.
Banner ad background

Banner advertising has been a part of most successful marketing campaigns for many many years and it’s not going to stop now. In fact, banner ads have become even much more effective today than at any time before.

Banner ad marketing allows you to present your ad in a graphical, enticing presentation rather than plain old text ads which makes banner ads much more pleasant and appealing to the consumer. And although consumers ignore and can become irritated with certain types of ads such as pops ups and pop under ads, banner ads however, are widely accepted and have become a part of internet life. And with strategic placement, banner advertising can become very profitable.

Advantages of banner advertisement

Banner advertising or banner marketing is beneficial for the advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer as well.

You as the advertiser are able to get your banner displayed across thousands of niche market related websites across the ad affiliate networks. And the more websites that display your ad then the more visitors your website will receive.

The publisher or the website owner gets paid every time someone clicks on your ad, so it’s in their best interest to place your ad in a prominent area on their webpage.

The consumer sees your banner ad, clicks on it and lands on a page where they want to be, based upon the message of your banner ad. And even if they don’t buy anything on that first visit, at least now they know that your business exist and may be back to buy something soon, especially if you were able to obtain their email address for future and further marketing.

Banner ads can also be paid on a cost per impression, per thousand impressions which is a set price you pay every thousand times your banner is displayed across the network. And this method can sometimes become more effective than pay-per-click marketing especially when your banner displays your telephone number for customers to call on command.

Many experts believe that banner ads are much more effective than many other types of ads because they catch the consumers’ attention on a visual level, as compared to an intellectual level with text ads only. And it’s that graphical interface along with a persuasive marketing message that causes the users to click on the banners.

How to create an effective banner ad

Creating a banner ad is not that difficult and you can do it yourself for free, along with the help of a graphic editing software program. But there are also plenty of websites that can help you create your own banner using free, banner ad creator programs. And you can find such programs on by searching for the keywords “free banner creator”. For example:

Graphics: To create an effective banner ad simply add an enticing image or product images on a light colored background, along with a clear call to action and you’re done. For example, “Click here now!”

Show them the product(s) and tell them what to do. They need a visual object and a clear command. And you may want to create more banners with different designs, images, and headlines once your ad campaigns start to simmer down.
Banner ads come in different sizes

The largest ad sizes, 728x90 leaderboards and 300x250 square ads perform above average. They are also the top 2 most popular banner ad sizes across the internet. And higher click-through rates are due to position and placement as these two banner ad formats are typically used in the header and in the immediate right side of a website.

468x60 banners do not perform so well and may be due to the fact that internet users have learned to ignore 468x60 banner ads. Furthermore, these banner ads are smaller than other ad formats which leaves them buried within the content of the webpage and not given a more prominent position such as the 728x90 leaderboard ad.

Most effective banner ad sizes:
Size Style Gif Weight Flash Weight
1. 300 x 250 Square 25 KB 35 KB
2. 728 x 90 Leaderboard 25 KB 35 KB
3. 120 x 600 Skyscraper 20 KB 30 KB
4. 160 x 600 Skyscraper (Wide) 20 KB 30 KB
Standard Web Banners:
Size Style Gif Weight Flash Weight
468 x 60  Full Banner 20 KB 30 KB
728 x 90 Leaderboard 25 KB 35 KB
336 x 280 Square 25 KB 35 KB
300 x 250 Square 25 KB 35 KB
250 x 250 Square 25 KB 35 KB
160 x 600 Skyscraper 20 KB 30 KB
120 x 600 Skyscraper 20 KB 30 KB
120 x 240 Small Skyscraper 20 KB 30 KB
240 x 400 Fat Skyscraper 25 KB 35 KB
234 x 60 Half Banner 15 KB 20 KB
180 x 150 Rectangle 15 KB 20 KB
125 x 125 Square Button 15 KB 20 KB
120 x 90 Button 10 KB 20 KB
120 x 60 Button 10 KB 20 KB
88 x 31 Button 10 KB 10 KB
Common, But Not Standard Banner Sizes:
Size Style Gif Weight Flash Weight
120 x 30  Button 10 KB 10 KB
230 x 33 Small Banner 15 KB 15 KB
728 x 210 Large Leaderboard 30 KB 40 KB
720 x 300 Large Leaderboard 25 KB 35 KB
500 x 350 Pop-up 30 KB 40 KB
550 x 480 Pop-up 30 KB 40 KB
300 x 600 Half Page Banner 35 KB 45 KB
94 x 15 Blog Button 10 KB 10 KB
File Size: When creating you banner ads for different sizes, it would be best to build your ads in 300x250, 728x90, 120x600, and 160x600 sizes only. The rest of the common sized banners are hardly effective and are not worth your time.

It’s also important to keep your file size small, 20KB to 35KB max. The larger the file then the longer it takes for the banner to load. Yet small files download quickly and easily and that’s what internet users want to see – fast downloads. And if your leaderboard ads (top banner ads) download fast enough, then the user is able to see and read the top banner before scrolling down the page.

Headlines: The headline in your banner ad must be clear and include a call to action as well. They need to know exactly what it is that you’re offering and need to be told what to do. i.e. “Click here now!”

Animation: Animated banners work and in fact are much more effective than still banner ads. Still ads don’t stimulate the mind while animated banners catch the readers’ attention and causes them to click on your ad.

Multiple banner ad campaigns: Creating multiple banner ad campaigns is essential for internet marketing success. For example, you can create one banner ad with a generic message to get the customer to your storefront while creating another ad and campaign for a specific product and product page. And both ads are displayed on content related websites.
Strategic banner ad placement

Most publishers and website owners already know where to place their banner ads for best results. Every time someone sees or clicks on your ad, then the website owner gets paid for that click or impression. Therefore, it is in their best interest to place your ad in a prominent area of their website.

Web pages are scanned and read from top to bottom and from left to right. Therefore, the first banner they’ll see is the top banner of a website. But rarely do internet users click on that top banner ad right away. Instead, they may scroll down and click on that next ad – the 300x250 square banner ad found on the right side of the page instead of the left.

And although people do read from left to right, a banner ad on the left side is more likely to be ignored than a banner ad on the right side as a left side banner breaks the readers concentration while the square banner on the right allows the reader to finish their scan and end up on the 300x250 square banner ad.

In fact, some of the most successful websites place a 728x90 Leaderboard banner up top, followed by a 300x250 square banner ad from that same advertiser on the right hand margin, after the header.

The reader is exposed to the top banner ad the first time, (this is the first visual contact), and then a second time with the same ad in a 300x250 square ad.

This method has been proven to be the most successful technique for banner ad placement and is done automatically by ad service providers such as DoubleClicks, (by Google).

Internet users are now seeing ads on the right side of the webpage and are being programmed to not only accept it, but to also click on the ad as well. Furthermore, readers find left side banner ads to be intrusive. And although strategic banner ad placement is very important, it’s even more important to create a banner that will cause the reader to click on it, no matter where the banner is placed. However, placing a 300 x 250 square banner on the left side of the content can become very effective as well, and this is known to be an aggressive form of marketing. But what works best on one website may not work as well on another.
Choosing a banner ad service provider

Once you have your banner ads created then you can select a banner ad service provider to serve your ads across the internet on hundreds, thousands and even millions of websites online.

Google Ads display network

Google Ads display network is by far the largest ad display network across the internet displaying banner ads on millions of websites world wide.

Google Ad services will place your banner ads on thousands of content related websites across their network of content related, website publishers.

Although running an ad campaign with Google Ads can become profitable, it can also become costly as well. But you can avoid spending more than what you want to spend by setting your budget correctly. Google allows you to set your budget based upon how much you want to spend on advertising on a daily bases, per click and per impression.

But if done correctly, Google Ad services can help you get targeted traffic to your website within hours. And you can find step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Google Ads on

Google AdWords

DoubleClick Ad Network

Bidvertiser is another ad service provider that allows you to choose what type of websites you want your banner ad to be placed on by browsing through their website categories and finding content related websites based upon keywords, geographical targets and more.

With Bidvertiser, you can run your ad on their pay per click advertising network and start receiving new targeted traffic within 10 minutes. Bidvertiser also allows you to set your daily budget in order to get the most clicks for your dollar.

For more information on how to get started with Bidvertiser please visit:



AdHitz is yet another popular ad service provider that helps you find and select your target audience through a network of website categories. And you can choose and select which sites you want to have your banner ad displayed on based upon price, page rank, content and more. And with AdHitz you could be receiving thousands of ad impressions daily at an affordable price as well.

For more information on how to get started with AdHitz please visit

Getting the best results for your ad campaigns

Many times, it takes 4 to 7 times of being exposed to ads for the user to click on the ad. And sometimes, a customer has to return to your site 5 times or more before buying the product. The reason being is because many times it is ad repetition that sells the customer, along with a need for the product as well.

This is why you may want to set up your banner ad campaign to run for 8 days or more in order to get the best results and the most visitors to your website.

Where your customers will land

Once the user clicks on your banner ad, they’ll expect to be taken to what your ad has promised. And this is called your “landing page”.

Your landing page must give the user exactly what you promised them in your banner ad. So if your banner ad stated, “The new Canon PowerShot YXZ is here”, then make sure you customers land on the Canon PowerShot YXZ product page after they’ve clicked on your banner.

And most importantly, make sure it’s easy for your customer to buy that product right there on the spot.

Banner advertising works! It’s much more effective today than it ever was before. And if done correctly, you can start receiving targeted traffic within a matter of hours, and even minutes. And more traffic means more sales.
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