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Your domain name,, is one of the most important elements to your Internet marketing success. And your domain name should always match your business name as well.

If you created a search engine optimized business name then your domain name is already done. However, it might be best create your domain name first in order to make sure that your domain name is indeed available before registering your business name with your local or state government agency.

Creating a Search Engine Optimized Domain Name:

Search engine optimization is all about keywords and placing those keywords in all the right places.
And when creating a search engine optimized domain name, you’ll need to implement your most important keywords or keyword phrase within your domain name.
All major search engines will look for keywords within your title tag, your meta tags and within the text of your webpage. However, websites which include important keywords or keyword phrases within the domain name are more often than not found at the top of the search engine results, especially when all other search engine optimization factors are combined and implemented into your SEO strategy.

Implement your most important keywords in your domain name

To find out what keyword or keyword phrase should be used in your domain name, all you would have to do is ask yourself, what keywords or keyword phrases would you or your customer’s type into Google to find your products or services online? In other words, your most important keywords are the words which your customers will type in the search engines in order to find your products online.

Therefore, you have to place yourself in your customer’s shoes in order to find the best and perfect keywords or keyword phrases for your domain name. Then you can begin to experiment with similar keywords and variations of those keywords as well.

Your domain name must also send a straight forward marketing message to your customers as well. And both your domain name and business name should let your customers know exactly what you do and what you sell.

For example, TV’s have become all the rage and continue to be a top selling product category online. And new TV’s and technology are still coming out on the market all the time.

However, there were different types of Flat Panel TV’s as well. You had LCD TVs, LED TVs, Plasma TVs, 3D TVs, Smart TVs, TV/DVD Combos, Rear Projection TVs and even Voice Command Smart TV’s as well. And that was just the beginning. The future in TV’s still has much to offer. However, it would be impossible to use and implement all of those words as keywords into your domain name. Furthermore, your customer is more likely to enter an action or descriptive keyword along with the main keyword as well.

For example, if your customer was looking for the best TV then most likely, they would type in the keyword phrase “best LCD TV”, “best Plasma TV” or “Best 3D TV”.

They would use the descriptive keyword “best” in their keyword phrase in order to know which TV’s are the best TV’s and then begin their selection from there.

Therefore, you would be much better off using “Best TV’s” as your domain name to increase your chances of getting found for all similar searches. And thus would be your domain name and business name as well. Other descriptive keywords that can be used could be top, top 10, on sale etc...

Top, best, lowest price are descriptive keywords that your customers are more likely to use when searching for your products, unless of course, they’re seeking specific model TV’s, in which case, you’ll already have a search engine optimized product page set up for that specific TV.

And there are many more keywords and keyword phrases that you can use and combine as well. But one of the best ways to create your domain name is to place yourself in the customers’ shoes and use the search words or keywords which your customers are more likely to use when searching for your products online.

Then implement those keywords or keyword phrases into your domain name to create a keyword rich, search engine optimized domain name.
Using multiple domain names

Some internet marketers may take the time to make use of and register multiple domain names with multiple keywords and keyword phrases. However, not only can this turn out to be very time consuming, but it can also hurt your business and credibility as well.

You should only have one registered business name, and to have a variety of domain names running under the same business name will not only cause customer confusion but it will also cause customer suspicion as well.

Your domain name should always match your business name, and anything else will only cause confusion and a loss of credibility. Therefore, you would be much better off registering and focusing on one domain name, and spending your time and efforts promoting one website. Furthermore, you’ll still be able to give the search engines an optimized URL with more keywords after optimizing each product page.
Domain name Length

Domain names in general are limited to 67 characters in length. However, and many experts agree, that a short domain name is easier for your customers to remember than a long one. Furthermore, although most of your new customers and website visitors will find your website on the search engines, repeat and return customers will most likely type in your business name on Google instead of typing the entire www domain name in the browser window. And most likely, your website would come up first place in the search results.

Then your customer would simply click on your link and enter your website. And there are still those who will actually type in your complete domain name in the browser as well. Suffice it to say that two to three keywords or one keyword phrase will work best for creating a search engine optimized domain name and for customers to remember. By keeping your domain name and business name short, it becomes easier for your customers to remember your name and to create brand name awareness as well.
Domain extensions: .com .net .org .biz .info

Always use .com. There are no exceptions when it comes to doing business online and running an ecommerce website.

.COM which stands for and represents commercial use, is and will remain the standard domain name extension for many years to come, for business and commercial websites. However, anyone who wants to register a .COM domain name can do so whether their site is going to be used for commercial purposes or not.

.NET stands for “network” and was originally used by Internet service providers. However, .NET can also be used to show participation in a network of similar websites or other areas of interest as well. And many businesses with catchy and high value .COM names will register the .Net extension also so that no one else will use it combined with their original business name.

.ORG stands for “organization” and is primarily used for website organizations and for non-profit groups and organizations as well.

.INFO stands for “information” and is mainly used for websites that provide valuable and credible information and resources also. .INFO is the next most popular domain name extension after .COM, .NET and .ORG

.BIZ stands for “business” and is normally used for small and home business websites, yet not many small businesses have jumped on board with the .BIZ extension. In fact you’ll hardly see any professional businesses using the .BIZ domain name extension.

When it comes to doing business online, be sure to register your domain name with a .COM extension, as this is the standard and will continue to be so for many years to come. Furthermore, it may be better to check for availability on your domain name first before finalizing and registering your business name in order to make sure that both business and domain name coincide.
Hyphens – or – no hyphens

Do not use hyphens in your domain name as this is considered unprofessional and is mainly used on websites that are used for the purpose of traffic diversion. In fact, you’ll hardly ever find professional business websites using hyphens within their domain names. Although some marketers believe that hyphens make it easier for search engines to differentiate keywords, this is simply not the case. Search engines will recognize keywords and keyword phrases with or with out hyphens.
Singular or plural keywords in domain names

When it comes to creating a search engine optimized domain name, it would be best to include keywords or a keyword phrase in the plural sense of the main keyword. If a potential customer is looking for the best laptop on the market then they will most likely type in the keyword phrase “best laptop” or “best laptops”. And by creating a plural domain name,, you’ll cover both the plural and the singular search term at the same time.

If the potential customer is searching on line for the Dell model XYZ laptop then most likely, they’ll type in the keywords “Dell model XYZ laptop”. Yet the keyword “laptop” will still be covered in your domain name as search engines will recognize the keyword laptop (singular) within the word laptops (plural). Furthermore, when you save your product page as “Dell_XYZ_Laptop” you’ll be able to have your main keywords laptop and laptops within the same URL giving that page a better chance to be ranked and listed high in the search engine search results for those keywords.
Create your domain name first

Success online has more to do with successful internet marketing more than anything else. And successful internet marketing has more to do with search engine marketing over any other type of internet marketing strategy. And search engine marketing is all about keywords and placing your most important keywords and keyword phrases in the most important places. And one of the most important places to implement your most important keywords in within your domain name.

However, it is also important that your domain name coincide with your business name as well. Therefore, it would be best to select and choose your domain name first and then register your business name accordingly. To check for domain name availability you can visit and begin your domain name search there.

Register your domain name now:

It all starts with an awesome domain! $1.99 .COM Domain from GoDaddy!

In summery, creating a keyword rich domain name accomplishes two Internet marketing tasks:

First, it sends a straight forward marketing message to your website visitors letting them know, “this is what we do, and this is what we sell”. And most importantly, a keyword rich domain name tells the search engines that your website has the products which those shoppers are looking for. And as a result, the search engines will deliver your website right into the hands of your customers because this is what they want, and your website has what they’re looking for.

Suffice it to say, that creating a keyword rich, search engine optimized domain name is your ticket to Internet marketing success. And this one strategy will help draw more targeted traffic to your website daily. And more traffic means more sales.

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