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Email marketing is a highly effective, internet marketing strategy which sends direct marketing messages to consumers, customers and potential customers via email.

Simply create an effective marketing message and then press send to reach hundreds and even thousands of potential customers world wide. There are many ways to implement email marketing into your internet marketing plan.

You can send out announcements on sales, close-outs and free shipping offers. You can send out new product alerts and product arrivals based upon your niche market to increase sales and pre-orders as well.
You can offer extra services for existing customers to add more value to your customer service.

You can use email marketing to remind your customers about your business thus creating more return visits and more repeat sales.

You can also send out educational articles on products and the industry as well.

There are many ways to use email marketing yet all of them create customer awareness and interaction while at the same time remind existing customers and subscribers that you’re still there offering the products they need and ready to take their order on a moments notice.

However, it takes time to build up your own email opt-in list where website visitors subscribe to receive your emails by choice. And you’ll learn in a moment how to build your own opt-in list to become a successful email marketer. But in the mean time, you can also send out your ads, articles and marketing messages to thousands of potential customers by placing your messages in other website email newsletters.

There are plenty of websites and blogs related to your niche market which already have thousands of opt-in email subscribers, meaning that these subscribers have signed up for their newsletters and are open to receiving their emails. And you can place your ad in their emails to receive targeted traffic to your website within minutes after “send out”. And due to low cost and high return ratios, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing methods used on the internet today. It’s much more cost efficient than most forms of advertisement. And with email marketing you don’t have to wait for customers to come to you; you can place your message in front of them with just the click of a mouse.

3 forms of email marketing

Direct email marketing

Direct email marketing is when you send a direct marketing message to your subscribers with the intent of getting them to visit your website and hopefully buy the products you’re selling.

A direct email marketing promotion can include the announcement of new products, accessories, sales, close-outs and free shipping offers. But most importantly, it encourages the reader to take action now!

Retention email marketing

Retention email marketing is used to retain long term readership and can consist of articles, tutorials, industry news, special announcements and even advertisements as well. But the main purpose of retention email marketing is to retain loyal, subscriber readership.

Retention emails are used to keep readers informed on new trends, products, and technology for example and should always provide some sort of value and benefit for the reader and not just the sender. But as a result, such valuable emails also convert readers into repeat traffic as well.
Placing ads in other marketers emails

As mentioned above, placing your ad or marketing message in the emails of other website or blog owners can bring back great results as most of their subscribers are very well active. And if their subscribers receive an email message with content of interest with a call to action, then they’re more likely to click on your link, visit your website and quite possibly, buy something as well, (which of course is your ultimate goal).

To place ads in other marketers’ emails you’ll have to search Google for blogs, websites and review sites that are related to your niche product market. Look for newsletter sign-up forms and sign up for their newsletter to see how they place their ads in their emails. And then contact them or look for their advertising page which offers advertising opportunities on their website and on their email newsletters as well.

Get their pricing, secure an ad placement and then hope for the best results possible. There’s only one way to know for sure if their newsletter is going to help your business or not, and that is by testing. But if their newsletters are sent out to thousands of subscribers then you should do well and receive a well deserved traffic boost.

There are plenty of niche market newsletters with thousands of subscribers which were created for selling you ad space on their newsletter. And placing your ad in the right newsletter can bring you targeted traffic and plenty of sales as well.
Permission based email

Permission based email is where you have the permission of the recipient to send them emails on a regular bases, within reason of course. And regular bases can mean bi-weekly and monthly as well or whenever you’re running a special promotion such as a sale, close out or free shipping offering. Anything more frequent than this can become a nuisance and can cause the subscriber to opt-out from receiving any further emails from you.

Failure to obtain permission from the recipient first will cause them to report your emails as spam. And if enough recipients report your emails as uninvited emails then your email account can be shut down and blacklisted permanently. For example, when a potential customer visits your website and signs up for your newsletter, you now have their permission to send them emails. Thus, the title, permission based email. And now they’re more open to receive whatever you have to offer.
Email marketing works

Email marketing works in many ways. It creates and re-establishes customer awareness and reminds past customers and website visitors that you’re still there and ready to help them. But best of all, it can create new and repeat traffic and as a result increase sales as well. And that’s what email marketing is all about – creating sales.

Email marketing can also be targeted towards consumers who are more likely to purchase your products or services.

Email marketing can also be used to build trust, loyalty and form customer relationships as well.

Simply put, email marketing works when done correctly. And an effective email marketing system consist of nothing more than building an opt-in email list of subscribers who agree to receive your emails and creating informative yet enticing sales messages to get your readers to take action by visiting your website and buying your products.
Email marketing system service providers

Many web hosting companies offer email marketing systems as an extra option to your web hosting account. And there are plenty of high quality email marketing service providers as well, such as:

…and many others as well.

Aweber Communications for example, is an optimal email marketing and communication service provider which gives you all the tools you need to build your list, create effective marketing messages and send them out to your subscribers with just the click of a mouse.  And there are many other complete email marketing communications providers which offer everything you need to get started and build your list. i.e. subscription sign-up forms, automated list management and email responders, tracking reports and more.

Email marketing communication services start at around $14 per month and increase in price according to the number of subscribers you have. In other words, the more your list grows then the more your price increases, but not my much.

NOTE: You can also obtain email marketing and management services from your web host provider as part of your web hosting package.

NOTE: Standard email and Webmail accounts are not to be used to send out mass email marketing campaigns as doing so can cause your web host provider to shut down and close your hosting account completely.
Renting and purchasing email list

There are many websites and companies selling and renting email lists on the internet and via email as well. And some entrepreneurs feel it’s much easier to buy or rent such list and send their marketing messages to those email recipients. However, doing so is not a smart marketing move at all and neither is it safe. If a person has not requested to receive emails from your company then it’s best not to send that person your message.

Although there are some email lists where real people may have opted-in to receive emails from that website, many times, even these types of lists are created by list holders selling their email addresses to others without the subscribers’ permission. And as a result, when those subscribers do receive your message, it is perceived as spam and/or from an incredible source. And internet marketers know very well that it’s just not worth the risk.

Sending emails via purchased or rented email lists is not worth the risk of being labeled as a spammer type business and possibly, getting your website shut down.
The best email marketing method

The best, safest and most profitable way to send marketing emails is by sending them to your own subscribers which you have obtained by permission. Meaning, your best responses will come from your own subscribers which signed up for your newsletter on your own website. And there are many ways to get subscribers to sign-up for your newsletters. For example, you can offer your new subscribers a free coupon, a free gift or a free report on your niche market. People love value and freebies, and offering some kind of incentive can cause your sign-up rate to soar.

Another method for increasing subscriber sign-up rates fast is to hold a free give-away contest for a new product such as a new popular tech gadget for example. i.e. a digital camera for under $100. Such a gift can increase subscriber sign-up rates substantially. And the prerequisite for entering to win the contest is that your website visitors sign up for your email newsletter.

It takes time to build a safe, opt-in subscriber list but it can become very profitable as well.

Whenever a new product arrives on the market then all you have to do is create an effective marketing message and then click send. And within seconds, your marketing message is placed in front of thousands of potential customers just like that.
Building your own email list

To start building your own email opt-in list simply sign up with an email marketing communications provider such as or They’ll provide you with a professional and easy to set-up subscriber sing-up script where you can place your sign-up form on every page of your website making it that much easier for them to sign-up.

Your subscriber sign up form, (which will be provided by your email communication service provider), must be simple and tell the reader exactly what to do. For example:

“Sign up now!”

“Enter email address”

You don’t even need their name. All you need is their email address. The more work you require them to do then the less likely they are to sign-up. But typing in their email address takes seconds and is easy to do.

Next, place your sign-up form in an area on your webpage where everyone can see it such as in the top or mid area of the left hand margin of your web page.

It’s also important to add a security promise notice under your sign-up form as well. For example:

“We never rent, sell, or share your email address”

“We will not rent, sell, or share your email address”

This way, your customers know that you’re not going to sell or rent their email address to another business or internet marketing firm.

You can also tell them what they’re signing up for as well. For example:

“Sign up for deals, new product alerts and industry news”

“Sign up for deals, promotions and special offers”
Send out frequency

How often you send out emails to subscribers, (the frequency of send outs) is also important as sending out too many emails too often can be considered as spam. And when you do send out emails, it better be good.

Every message you send out must have some value or importance to the email such as exciting product information for example. Otherwise, your emails may begin to find themselves in the trash folder more often than not.

You can send out your emails on a monthly bases or every 2 to 3 weeks. But the more often you send out emails then the more likely your subscribers are to become bothered by it. And this is where sometimes, less is better, unless of course, you have something important to say and your subscribers need to know about.
However, when a new product is about to come out on the market then you may want to send out your product announcement emails before the product arrives, (to take pre-orders) or immediately after the product hits the market, or both. But again, it’s important to remember that the more emails you send out then the more likely your subscribers are to opt-out from your email list.

Just remember to send them exactly what you promised. i.e. new product alerts, industry news, informative articles and more. And by providing them value, you should do well.

Email marketing is a highly effective, internet marketing technique that works. And when done correctly can bring in more traffic and more sales as well.
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