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Link building and link exchanging is yet another part of search engine optimization, but it’s also a means of creating new and targeted traffic for your website as well. More often than not, building and exchanging links comes in the form of web masters finding your website and offering to exchange links with your site.

And in this case, webmasters and other website owners will send you an email request asking you to place their link details on your website, and in return, they will place your link details on their site which in turn creates more inbound links for your website and for theirs as well. And it’s those inbound links that are pointing to your site that causes search engines to see your website as an important site.
The more quality links you have pointing to your website, then the more important your website appears to the search engines and in turn, will receive a high page rank (PR) and better search engine placement. However, creating link popularity is just one benefit of link building; drawing targeted traffic is another. If your links are placed on other high traffic, targeted websites then users who click on your links will arrive on your website.

High quality links pointing to your website produces high page ranking websites. However, “quality” is the keyword here. Quantity is important but quality links pointing back to your site from good quality websites is even more important.

Websites which receive plenty of visitors are seen as quality websites by Googles’ search engine. And when high quality websites link to your website then your website is also seen as a high quality website by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. And there are other factors which contribute to the quality, page rank and value of a website as well. Such value adding factors include domain age, or the length of time the domain name has been in existence.

The older the domain name and website as well, then the more valuable the website becomes in the eyes of the search engines. There are plenty of websites that come and go, but the sites that have remained in Googles’ database for years retain their value in the eyes of Google, which means that old websites are seen as high valued websites by Google and other major search engines as well.

The “page rank”, (PR), of the web page where your link is placed is also a major contributing factor to quality of your back links. The higher the page rank of a web page then the more valuable that page becomes as a host for a back-link to your website. A high page rank also means that such a web page is very popular and receives plenty of traffic as well.

Inbound links or the number of links pointing to a website becomes another contributing factor to the value or page rank of a website.

A small number of links pointing to a site implies that the website which the links are pointing to may not be as popular as a website which has a large number of links pointing back to that website, which creates authority in that particular market in the eyes of Google. However, having your link placed on a website with a simple PR1, (page rank of 1), is better than having your link placed on a website with no PR at all.

Building links

Building and obtaining back-links from other websites to point to yours is not that difficult to do. Most webmasters and link exchangers create and build links manually for their websites and for client websites as well instead of using automated link building programs. And if they can do it, then you can do it too.
Organic links

Organic links are links which are built and created without the use of automated technology. And there are a few methods used to build organic back links as well. And best of all, you can do it yourself for free.

Article links

You can create and write short product or industry related articles for your products or product industry and create text links from the most important keywords in the article and link those text links to various pages on your website. These articles can be placed on your own site and/or on high PR article sites as well.

When submitting articles online, many article websites allow you to create links pointing back to your own website. And this makes it possible for you to create and place articles with keyword-rich text links linking to your website from high PR web pages.

When hosting articles on your own website, you can create short, keyword-rich articles and link the keywords in those articles to specific pages on your own website. And in this manner you have total control of keywords and where those keywords link and point to on your webpage. Furthermore, when placing your own articles on your website there are no limitations of how many articles and how many links you can have pointing to specific pages on your site.

You can also build and create back links with other methods such as link exchange requests, forum postings, directory submissions and paid links as well. However, creating keyword rich articles and linking the keywords in those articles back to your website has become one of the most effective ways for building high quality back-links.
Posting comments on Blogs

Another method for creating keyword-rich back-links is to post your comments on high traffic, industry related Blogs. You can search online and find high traffic Blogs and leave your comments in the comment box below the writers’ article. Then you can end your comments with a keyword-rich signature and title and then link that keyword-rich title to your website. Furthermore, you can post multiple comments on multiple blogs using different keyword signature titles to link to different pages on your website as well.

Posting comments on high traffic, industry related blogs is one of the best ways to create high quality, keyword-rich back links pointing to your site while creating targeted traffic as well, as readers will see your comments, and your link, and will click on your link to visit your website.

Posting comments on discussion forums

Another easy way to create keyword-rich back-links and receive more targeted traffic is to find and post comments on high traffic, industry related discussion forums.

Find a related post in which you can add value to and then add your comments or suggestions to the post. Then end your comment with a keyword-rich signature link pointing to your website. i.e. Top 10 Digital Cameras

Keyword-rich back-links from high page rank and high traffic discussion forums will increase your page rank for your website and draw additional targeted traffic as well.
Directory submissions

There are many business directories online where you can submit a short description of your website along with a keyword-rich text link title pointing back to your site. However, most directories are seen as link farms and are ranked poorly by the search engines as well.

Yet, there are still a few genuine, high traffic and high ranking directories online where you can submit a short description of your website along with a keyword-rich text link title linking back to your website to create a higher PR and better search engine placement for your site.

Dmoz, DMOZ, or the Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory on the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. The DMOZ directory is ran and edited by over 94,000 editors and lists over 5,000,000 websites from over 1,000,000 categories which makes DMOZ and excellent place to submit your link to.

To add your link title and a short description of your website to the DMOZ directory simply go to, find the category in which you want to list your website in and then click on the “Suggest URL” option at the top of the webpage.

Then add your URL, a keyword-rich title to your link, a short description of your website, and then click submit.
Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Directory is one of the most popular directories online where you’re able to get your link title and description listed on a high traffic and high page rank directory for a paid fee. However, a permanent back-link from a high PR webpage can help increase the PR to your website as well. And a higher PR means better search engine placement.

To add your website to the Yahoo Directory simply go to the Yahoo Directory at

Find the best category for your website and then click “Suggest a Site” at the top right corner of the page.

Then log in with your Yahoo email address.

Submit your title, URL, and website description and then pay the listing fee.

Your website will be listed on the Yahoo Directory within 7 business days or less.

And there are other high page rank directories where you can list your website as well.

More online directories: Directory Listings
Best of the Web Directory
Go Guides Directory
Building links with your own link building system

You can set up your own link building system on your website where webmasters and link traders will find you and begin to offer and send you link requests daily. And then all you have to do is make sure your link is placed on their site first, (which most webmaster will do), and then place their link on your website in return.

And you can create such a system by simply adding a “Business Resources” page to your website. i.e.

Then add several important outbound links to high PR sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc…

Then add your linking instructions on your Business Resources page for webmasters to read and follow:

To add your site to our “Business Resources page, simply add our link details to your website first and then send us an email letting us know where our link can be found.

And in return we will add your link details to our website within 48 hours or less.

Please place the following link details on your website first:

Title: Buy the Best Laptops on Sale with Free Shipping. Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba
Description: offers the best deals on all the new laptops with free shipping. Visit today

Pleas place our link details on your website first.

Then send us an email to webmaster@BestLaptopscom letting us know where out link can be found.

Then send us your title, URL and website description and we will add your link details to our Business Resources page within 48 hours or less.
Then check to make sure that your link has been added to their link page first, and then you can add their link details to your Business Resources page on your website as well.

You can run multiple link exchange campaigns by changing your link title and description weekly in order to have multiple keyword-rich text links pointing back to your website on a weekly basis.

NOTE: Do not exchange links with webmasters who place your link details on low quality websites such as link farms for example and sites which have no inbound links to that link web page where your link can be found.

The website or web page where your link is placed should be relevant to your product industry in one form or another. In other words, if you’re selling computer products then don’t trade links with webmasters who place your link on a webpage which lists hotel listings and other non-related listings.

Furthermore, visitors to the link hosting websites should be able to find your website link title within 3 clicks or less.

As your link list grows on your website, then you’ll need to add more business resources pages as well. i.e. Business_Resources_2, Business_Resources_3, Business_Resources_4 etc. And in time, your Business Resources pages will begin to gain Google page rank as well. i.e. PR1, PR2, PR3 etc.

Then you can start trading links with webmasters on a PR for PR basis in which they will have to place your link details on a PR1 webpage first in order for you to place their link details on your PR1 link page.

By creating your own link building system, you won’t have to go out and search for links or webmasters to trade links with. Your Business Resource page will be indexed by Google and webmasters will find you and send you link requests almost daily.

And the more keyword-rich text links you have out there pointing to your website then the higher your page rank will become, which in turn will help boost your search engine placement online.
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