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Leaders Merchant Services

LEADERS specializes in debit card and credit card processing for companies of all sizes. We offer merchant services to thousands of merchants in all 50 states. We are one of the fastest-growing payment providers in the country. Our payment processing services and merchant account options enable merchants to process traditional card-present, or "swiped" transactions, as well as card-not-present, or "keyed" transactions. We offer competitive rates for your credit-card processing needs and a wide variety of credit card terminals so that you can accept credit card payments.
All Merchant Account Service Providers

All Merchant Account Service Providers: The "All Merchant Account Providers" website is an informative and extensive directory list of Merchant Account Service Providers featuring over 100 of the best and top rated merchant account solution providers in the country. Search our directory for the best merchant account provider for your business and start accepting credit cards today. Find top rated merchant account service providers, compare merchant account services, rates, fees and search for business merchant account providers for your business. For more information please visit:

MerchantPlus offers the best all-inclusive package for accepting credit cards online. We have years of experience and unbeatable rates so apply now for an Internet Merchant Account. MerchantPlus couples powerful credit card, bank and mobile payment acquiring with its NaviGate processing platform to service all sizes of online businesses. All MerchantPlus Advanced and Enterprise accounts now come with RateAssure - an exclusive program from MerchantPlus that guarantees the best rates to merchants based on their average monthly processing volumes. 10+ Years in business; 100,000,000 transactions; Thousands of customers; Rapid FundingGlobal; Multi-Currency; Mobile Payments; Small Business; Enterprise Solutions; Multi-Platform and more. We support merchants all over the world. For more information visit:
Flagship Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services is an industry leader in offering credit card processing services to most business types. By partnering with industry leaders, all merchants receive priority customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and one of the largest credit card fraud, loss prevention and chargeback departments in the credit card processing industry. Flagship Merchant Services provides the expertise and reliability to enable merchants to accept credit cards, debit card and checks at the point of sale, over the Internet, or anywhere else you would expect to take any non cash transactions. From the establishment of a merchant account to the technologically advanced credit card machines and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway, Flagship provides a one-stop shop for all your processing needs.

National Bankcard

National Bankcard Inc. is a leading provider of credit card and debit card-based payment processing services to merchants located across the United States. We are proud to be the processor-of-choice for a wide variety of business types and merchant sectors including retail, restaurant, hospitality, medical, wireless, Internet and others. Our reputation has been built not only on our high-tech solutions, but also on our award-winning customer service. By offering competitive and honest pricing and by servicing our ongoing accounts with a highly trained and knowledgeable staff, we have achieved one of the highest merchant retention rates in the industry. With years of experience streamlining our merchants’ business operations, National Bankcard makes the process of accepting payments for your business easy, secure, and cost effective.
Chase Paymentech Solutions

Every day, e-commerce merchants rely on us to manage their payments – that adds up to almost half of all online payment transactions worldwide. We work with the world’s most successful online brands, including many we’ve worked with from start-up to their current global leadership position. We know how to help you turn browsers into buyers – and once you’ve made the sale, we offer all the support you need to manage your payments strategy and grow your business.

Merchant One

At Merchant One your business fuels our business, regardless of the size. We're proud to say that we have helped over 90,000 businesses large and small process credit cards nationwide. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start ups on their way to success. Regardless of the size and scope of their operation, each of our clients receives the same high end customer service from one of our highly trained, personalized account representatives. Our ability to provide solutions to businesses of any size is just one of the many reasons why Merchant One is one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

The Transaction Group

The Transaction Group is comprised of industry professionals, whose mission is to assist merchants to locate the best possible processing solutions for their particular business. Between us we have over 40 years of experience in the merchant account industry and have helped thousands of merchants save both money and time. We are dedicated to locating for you the best providers, with the latest technology and offerings and the highest service standards. Our recommended providers are full service organizations, with payment solutions that range from retail stores to e-commerce, and from mobile transaction solutions to state-of-the-art credit card processing hardware.
Electronic Transfer Inc.

Electronic Transfer offers merchant accounts and credit card processing to merchants who need merchant services to accept credit cards. ETI is a registered SO/MSP of Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, CA.. American Express merchant account approved separately. As a credit card processor and online check processor ETI has been helping merchants with their credit card processing since 1989. We offer the best merchant account and best credit card processing for U.S. internet merchants. We offer real-time processing, recurring billing and stiff fraud protection! But that's just the TIP of the iceberg. We offer credit card processing and verification at very LOW rates for almost any business. See the power of our credit card processing and merchant account center and see how easy it is to accept credit cards.

Bank of America

Expand your customers’ payment options, simplify your business operations, and increase revenue with Bank of America Merchant Services. Our merchant services enable your business to accept credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, gift cards, and other payment options. Bank of America Merchant Services offers some of the most flexible credit acceptance options in the industry, enabling thousands of merchants nationwide access to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) solutions. Our solutions bring value to our merchants by helping meet the need to generate more revenue, save time and improve efficiency. Bank of America Merchant Services provides solutions to meet business needs for many industries. 
Cardservice International

Cardservice International (now FDIS) is the leader in merchant accounts and credit card processing services. Your new account will include access to endless resources. Hours after approval you will be accepting credit cards either online or with equipment. We even offer wireless services and terminals that enable you to accept credit cards on location and at remote job sites. With Cardservice International you'll get competitive rates, competitive pricing, state of the art equipment and professional support. To begin accepting online payments through your website or over the internet, get ecommerce merchant account information here. is one of the largest and most respected credit card processors in the world. With over seven years in the merchant services industry we've helped thousands of businesses, some just like yours, succeed in an ever growing marketplace. We make accepting credit cards easy with programs specifically suited to your business needs and budget. If you don't know the first thing about how to accept credit cards, don't worry. By choosing Cardaccept as your merchant account provider you are getting peace of mind; we'll walk you through every step of the process.

American Express

Spend less time waiting for payment than with cash or checks. If you do business with other businesses, opening a merchant account to accept the Card can cut down on administrative work and help bring in payments faster. Card members tend to be the kind of customers retailers want. Open a merchant account and get the advantages of Cardmember spending. When you sign up to manage your American Express® merchant account with our Online Merchant Services, you can access easy-to-use account management features at any time. Open your own American Express Merchant Account.

Bankcard USA Merchant Services

Bankcard USA Merchant Services specializes in credit card processing for your new or existing business. We offer a complete one step process for accepting credit card payments. We offer payment solutions for all types of businesses, including retail store front, mail-order, phone-order, trade shows, professionals, service industry, home-based and Internet. Get your merchant account & credit card processing needs customized to your business!   

An Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account enables you to authorize, settle, and manage credit card and electronic check payments. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments quickly and affordably. More than 305,000 merchants trust us for payment processing and online fraud prevention solutions. Start Accepting Payments: Online Payments, Retail Store Payments, Mail Order/Telephone Order, Mobile Payments.


WorldPay is an established leader in online, telephone and mail order payment management. Our products and services are used every day by large companies and small businesses - right across the world. WorldPay offers everything you need for processing payments. We provide global reach and local knowledge -whatever size and type of business you run. We have a wealth of experience in helping companies involved in retail, mail order and online businesses. Choose WorldPay, and join many other successful businesses that have made the right decision. Payment Solutions

Apply today for a credit card merchant account and pay no application fee and no set up fee. You can accept major credit cards for your sales within 24 hours upon completion of the online application and approval. In addition to accepting credit cards on your web site in real-time, you will also receive our simple-to-use, web-based credit card processing terminal so you can process transactions manually. With our versatile ecommerce software, you have a complete solution.


Reach More Customers. Sell anywhere in the world by accepting the payment types preferred in local markets. Transact payments in over 190 countries and fund in 21 currencies. CyberSource provides fast, reliable, and secure electronic credit card processing. CyberSource Electronic Check Processing helps expand online payment options and automate processing to help increase sales and reduce costs. Find out how CyberSource can help your business. 

Merchant Account Providers offers quality services and as a result it became one of the finest Merchant Account Providers in the country. We offers advance technology to our customers and merchants who continuously trust us and in return we are determined to offer our commitments through a provision of unlimited assistance from our specialist. Our 24/7 customer service and technical support are designed to meet your daily crisis and offers intervention to any dispute.

North American Bancard

North American Bancard’s merchant services include everything from credit card processing to debit card processing - from getting the right credit card processing equipment to being compliant with payment card industry standards. So, no matter what business you’re in, North American Bancard has the right payment processing merchant services for you. Also, with around-the-clock technical support and the industry’s largest selection of FREE equipment, North American Bancard can help propel your business forward. is a worldwide leader in payment services. At 2CO we have helped over 100,000 customers launch a business on-line. Whether you are selling hosting services, your grandmother’s favorite cookies, handmade crafts for extra income or software that you have being developing in your garage, 2CO can help put your business on the map. 2CO’s payment and e-commerce services help you accept payments from a variety of credit and alternative payment types and we help you manage fraud and credit card security so that your customers will keep coming back for many happy returns. With over 10 years experience in e-commerce payments, 2CO is a trusted partner to help you reach your business goals.

GoEmerchant offers affordable credit card processing solutions. The product mix includes ecommerce functionality, mail/telephone commerce, high volume offline credit card processing and retail commerce. GoEmerchant has all the ecommerce tools you need to sell successfully online and grow your business. GoEmerchant offers a full range of merchant solutions for ecommerce as well as retail and mail order/telephone order customers. GoEmerchant prides itself high level security, customer support and being able to put merchants on the road to success. 

Total Merchant Services, Inc. 

Founded in 1996, Colorado-based Total Merchant Services is one of the fastest growing credit card merchant account acquirers in the nation. We've quickly become a leader in the merchant bankcard business by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to merchants like you who need to accept credit cards for the payment of their goods and services. 


Save with our High Risk Offshore Merchant Account & 3rd party processing. We specialize in providing offshore merchant account and third party merchant account payment solutions to international businesses. GSPAY provides a credit card payment gateway allowing you to clear all major credit cards against very competitive rates. We provide reliable Merchant Account Services. If you use the GSPAY you will benefit of a substantial sales increase, as well as lower costs. 

Group ISO

Accept Credit Cards Safely and Securely. Providing total merchant solutions for businesses & income opportunities for ISO resellers. We've helped businesses grow by providing the best merchant account services available in the industry. Group ISO offers credit card, debit card, check processing services and merchant account solutions for every type of business. Our services enable your business to accept payments through credit card processing terminals and software. 
Greenlight Payments

Greenlight Payments, Inc is a small and large business merchant account provider, giving you everything you need to process credit cards for your business. We have been providing a level of personal service unmatched by the largest processors since our establishment. Whether you are a small business or a large retailer, we have a processing solution to meet your needs. We handle acceptance for Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

BankCard Central

BankCard Central is your full-service merchant service provider. Since 1992, thousands of businesses have chosen us for credit card processing solutions and ecommerce services. We've built our company on long-term customer relationships and countless referrals. When you choose BankCard Central, you’re assured the very best service and the most competitive pricing available. We Guarantee It.


Internet Merchant Accounts. Our primary area of expertise has always been Internet merchant processing. This is an area that has often been considered “too risky” or “too complex” by most typical banks and ISO’s. At CDGcommerce, we’re intimately familiar with all aspects of Internet merchant processing and this is our primary area of expertise. Our staff has worked with every major Payment Gateway, Shopping Cart and Billing Application in the Internet industry, giving us a strong level of expertise with which to advise our merchants and resellers. You can rest assured that when you ask us a question related to Internet payment processing, you will receive expert advice that you can count on for your business.

Advantage Processors

Advantage Processors, Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account Services is a leading provider for low-cost online internet credit card processing merchant accounts for both Low Risk and High Risk merchants. Our solutions provides merchants with their own merchant account, online processing of credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and site enablement.
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