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Consumers continue to show great interest in the online health and beauty sector.

Online beauty product sales accounted for approximately 1 percent of the $25 billion-plus total US beauty market, but could gain significant market share in the near term, according to a report by The NPD Group.

While a relatively small percentage of Internet users reported previously purchasing beauty products online, nearly two-thirds of those polled said they would consider doing so in the future.

Why customers shop for beauty products online instead of traditional stores:
-Shop any time 75%
-Delivery of purchases 54%
-Ease of comparison shopping 46%
-Faster 42%
-Avoid sales tax 38%
-Find hard-to-find exclusive brands 37%
-Better prices 31%
-Avoid interacting with salespeople 19%
-Stores too far away 13%

Source: NPD Online Research
According to the report, fragrance, makeup, and skin care products accounted for 2 percent of all health and beauty products online.

Fifteen percent of consumers with Web access have shopped on the Internet for fragrances, makeup, skin care, bath and body or hair products.

Eight percent of these consumers have purchased a beauty product on the Internet.
Boding well for the future of the industry, NPD's BeautyTrends reports that 62 percent of consumers surveyed for the report said they would consider purchasing beauty products online in the future. Thirty-three percent said they were very or extremely likely to purchase beauty products online in the future. And among women only, this number rose to 37 percent.

For consumers of health and beauty products, convenience, not price, is driving most of these consumers to the Internet for beauty products.

Yet consumers for health products are able to find a wider selection for health products online than in retail storefronts.

Seventy-five percent of online health and beauty shoppers cited "shop anytime" as a reason for choosing the Internet over traditional retail stores for health and beauty products to find better prices.

Online health and beauty shoppers value time over money, and beauty e-tailers are listening. Many e-commerce sites do not offer discounted prices, but they do offer coupons and other incentives for shopping online, according to the report.

Brand name has also emerged as another important factor in online health and beauty purchasing decisions. Sixty-four percent of online health and beauty purchasers said they mostly buy products that they have tried before, evidence of how important replenishment has been to the success of beauty e-commerce sites.

Only 5 percent of purchasers said they mostly buy products they have never tried. Another 31 percent said "it's equally fair" -- they purchase both products they have tried before as well as products new to them.
NPD BeautyTrends expects replenishment and brand equity to remain key drivers of online beauty sales.

Supporting these findings, separate NPD brand analysis determined that brand names matter more than price to consumers in the fragrance, makeup, and skin care categories.

These shoppers understand the differences between brands, show loyalty to their favorite brands and will seek out and pay premium prices for their brands.

On the other hand, while bath and body users know and respect the differences between brands and tend to have favorite brands, these shoppers try to find their top brands at lower prices.

"Brand equity will take on increased importance in the world of beauty e-commerce, especially as well-known department stores introduce proprietary websites," said Karyn Schoenbart, NPD group president for Tracking Services.

"Existing pure-play sites, many of which offer specialty or niche brands, will have their work cut out for them if they intend to compete with the well-established brands that are heading to the Web. Those that survive on the Net will be those carrying the key brands. These could be the big brands but also the 'hot' brands. E-tailers who have secure relationships with the most valuable brands will remain standing as competition heats up."

According to Timra Carson, vice president, NPD Beauty Trends, consumers can expect to see more consolidation among beauty e-tailers as existing sites scramble to carry the top brands and the proprietary sites of the top brands begin to steal market share from the specialty brands marketed online.

"We're also seeing blurred lines between mass and class in the online beauty market," Carlson said. "Prestige beauty products traditionally sold only in department stores are featured next to mass beauty products on some e-commerce sites. This detracts from the perceived exclusivity of the prestige brands, one reason some of the top brands have not authorized sales on pure-play sites that carry several brands."
The most visited beauty e-commerce sites are those that have existed for a longer time and have a high level of advertising, according to the report.

Sites that focus on health and beauty are more visited than beauty-only sites. Beauty-only sites tend to carry only prestige or exclusive brands.

Health-related sites typically carry mass merchandise beauty brands.

The web was the fastest-growing channel for vitamin and health supplements makers and retailers as well.

E-retailers are capitalizing on what makes shopping for health products on the Internet different from stopping at a corner drugstore.

Consumers will slowly begin to spend more of their health dollars online, with the web driving about $14.4 billion in retail sales of medicines and health care products, predicts Jupiter Media Metrix.

Consumers’ interest in looking and feeling good is fueling healthy online product sales.

“It’s not just about prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs,” says Jonathan Tinter, chief marketing officer at Inc., No. 32 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. “Natural products, both in terms of homeopathic medicines and natural cleaning, hair, and makeup products; vitamins and supplements; and beauty have been huge growth areas for us.”

“It’s a convenience-driven business,” Freeman Evans says. “So as customers get more and more aware of how this serves their needs in terms of finding the products they want as well as convenience, they begin to buy more online.”
Top Selling Health and Beauty Product categories:

Allergy, Sinus & Asthma
Allergy Medicine, Asthma Medicine, Nasal Strips, Nebulizers, Respiration Flow Meters, Sinus Medicine

Top Brands in Allergy, Sinus & Asthma
Afrin, Allegra, Ancient Secrets, Benadryl, Breathe Right, Claritin, Generic Benadryl, Kirkland, Himalayan Institute, Members Mark, NeilMed, Simply Saline, SinuCleanse , Vicks, Zyrtec

Bathroom Aids & Safety
Bath Mats, Bathing Guards, Bathtub Rails, Bedpans & Urinals, Shower & Bath Stools & Benches, Shower Grab Bars, Sitz Baths, Toilet Seats & Commodes

Top Brands in Bathroom Aids & Safety
Advantage Urinal, AquaSense, Bath Care, Bemis, Brown Medical, Carex Health Brands, Conair, Drive, Drive Medical, Duro-Med, Essential Medical Supply, EVA Medical, Finish, Graham Field, Ideaworks, Improving Lifestyles, Invacare, Lumex, Maxi-Aids, Medline, MedMobile, Moen, Mommy's Helper, Nova, Safety First, Travel John, Uplift Technologies, Urologicals, Val Med, WingIts, WS Bath Collections, Xerosox, Zoe Industries

Braces & Supports
Braces, Corrective Tape, Slings, Splints, Support Hose & Socks

Top Brands in Braces & Supports
ACE, Active Ankle, AlphaBrace, BSN, Duro-Med, Flents, FootSmart, Futuro, Gabrialla, Imak, Invacare, Kinesio, KT, McDavid, McKenzie, Mueller, Mueller Sports Medicine, Obus Forme, OPTP, OTC, PB, Prestige, Medical, Pro-Tec, Sof Sole, Soft Form, Truform, Valeo, Wellgate for Women, X-Tender, XBack, ZAMST, Zensah, Zippy, Zoot

Cough & Cold
Chest Rubs, Cold & Flu Remedies, Coughing & Sore Throats, Nasal Sprays & Drops

Top Brands in Cough & Cold
4-Way, Airborne, Alka-Seltzer, Arizer, Ayr, Benadryl, Boiron, Coricidin, Dimetapp, Fisherman's Friend, Halls, Hyland's, Homeopathic, Kirkland, Little Remedies, Mentholatum, Mucinex, Nature's Way, NeilMed Sinus Rinse, Noble Vapor, Now Foods, Nyquil, Ocean, Ricola, Simply Saline, Vicks, Watkins, Zand, Zicam
Daily Living Aids
Bath & Body Aids, Dressing Aids, Eating & Drinking Aids, Accessories, Hearing Aids, Low Strength Aids, Low Vision Aids, Medication Aids, Ramps, Telephones

Top Brands in Daily Living Aids
Apex, Apothecary, Bausch & Lomb, Borinhalbich, Carex Health Brands, Carson, Conair, Core Products, Drive Medical, Duro-Med, Dynamic Living, Ezy Dose, Fit & Fresh, Jerdon, Jobar, Johnson & Johnson, Levine, Lightwedge, Mabis, Mada Medical, Medline, No Rinse, North American Healthcare, Novartis, Panasonic, Pedifix, PikStik, Power One, Priva, Rayovac, SE, Sonic Alert, VitaCarry, Xandria, Zadro, Zadro Inc, Zantac, Zeiss, Zenipower

Insulin Injectors, Lancets, Monitors & Kits, Sharps Containers & Needle, Destruction, Storage & Travel Packs, Test Strips

Top Brands in Diabetes
Abbott, Accu Chek, Advocate, Alpha Betic, Ascensia, Bayer, BD, Diabetic Supplies, Easy Touch, EasyTouch, Freestyle, Glucerna, Home Diagnostics, Kendall, Lifescan, Medicool, Omnis Health, OneTouch, Owen Mumford, Precision, Prodigy, Roche Diagnostics, WaveSense, Xlear

Digestion & Nausea
Antacids, Diarrhea Relief, Fiber, Gas Relief, Lactose Intolerance, Laxatives, Motion Sickness & Nausea

Top Brands in Digestion & Nausea
Align, Alka-Seltzer, Baby's Bliss, Beano, Benefiber, Colon Cleanser Complete, Colonix, Digestive Advantage, Dr. Schulze's, Dulcolax, Enzymatic, Faultless by Apotthecary Products, Fiber Choice, Heather's Tummy Care, Imodium, Jarrow, Kirkland, Lactaid, Medline, Members Mark, Metamucil, Miralax, Natrol, Nature's Secret, Nature's Way, Now Foods, Pepcid, Pepto Bismol, Phazyme, Phillips', Prilosec, Rainbow Light, Renew Life, Scivation, Sea-Band, Source Naturals, Three Lollies, TUMS, Vitafusion, Yerba Prima, Zand, Zantac

First Aid
Antibiotics & Antiseptics, Antifungals, Bandages & Bandaging Supplies, Braces & Supports, Burn Care, Defibrillators, First Aid Kits, Gloves & Masks, Hot & Cold Therapies, Itching & Rash Treatments, Jock Itch Treatments, Lice Treatments, Scars & Wounds

Top Brands in First Aid
ADC, Adventure Medical Kits, AlphaBrace, Angel Sales, Bach Remedies, Band-Aid, BD, Biofreeze, BP Medical Supplies, BSN, Caldera, Carex Health Brands, Dynarex, Eco Living Friendly, Elasto-Gel, Fashy, First Aid Center, Flowtron, Form Fit, Gabrialla, Health o Meter, Imak, IMAK Products, Iodoral Optimox Corporation, IT, Kendall, Kinesio, KT, Lamisil, LiceGuard, MABIS/DMI Healthcare, McDavid, McKenzie, Medique, Mueller, Neosporin, PB, Pedifix, Prestige Medical, Prevacid 24HR, Purell, Reliamed, Repel, ScarAway, Sunbeam, Valeo, WATER JEL, X-Rite Company, X-Tender, X-Tremus, X3 Clean, XBack, Xenna Corp, Xeroform, Xerosox, Z-medica, Zahn Dental, ZAMST, Zanfel, ZENMED, Zensah, ZetaClear, Zippy, Zirc Dental Products, ZOLL Medical Corp, Zoot, Zurn/Qest
Health Monitors
Alcohol Monitors, Bath Scales, Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Body Fat Monitors, Cholesterol Monitors, Heart Rate Monitors, Pedometers, Stethoscopes

Top Brands in Health Monitors
AccuFitness, AccuMeasure, ADC, American Diagnostic, BACTRACK, BD, Braun, ChoiceMed, Devon Medical, Drive Medical, EatSmart, Fitbit, Fit & Fresh, Garmin, Health o Meter, Littmann, Mabis/DMI First Aid, MyWeigh, Nature's Way, North American Healthcare, Omron, Optimox, Ozeri, Panasonic, Polar, Prestige Medical, PrimaCare, Salter, Sunbeam, Taylor, Timex, Vicks, Walk4Life, Walker Accessories, Waxwel, Weighmax, WeighSouth, Weight Watchers, WeiringUSA, Welch Allyn, WELCH-ALLYN, Whynter, Wilkinson, WinCraft, WINDMILL, Wingman Breathalyzers, Wristech, ZOOM

Medical Supplies & Equipment
Bathroom Aids & Safety, Beds & Accessories, Braces & Supports, Daily Living Aids, Health Monitors, Mobility Aids & Equipment, Occupational & Physical Therapy Aids, Tests

Top Brands in Medical Supplies & Equipment
AccuFitness, AccuMeasure, ADC, American Diagnostic, Apex, BD, Braun, BSN, Clearblue, Contec Medical Systems, Devon Medical, Drive Medical, EatSmart, Exergen, First Response, Fitbit, Gaiam, Garmin, Health o Meter, Jerdon, McDavid, Mueller, North American Healthcare, Novartis, Omron, Optimox, Ozeri, Panasonic, PB, Polar, Prestige Medical, Sonic Alert, Taylor, Timex, TKO, Valeo, Vicks, Wellgate, Wondfo, X-Tender, X-Tremus, Xandria, XBack, Xerosox, Xodus Medical Inc., Xtreme Worldwide Athletic Equipment, XTTRIUM, Yaktrax, Yamuna, Yankz, Yasco, Yerba Prima, Your 1st Choice, Yucan, Zadro, Zadro Inc, ZAMST, Zeiss, Zenipower, Zensah, Zenzation, Zevex, Zewa, Zippy, Zipr Mobility, Zoe Industries, Zoll, ZoN, ZOOM, Zoot, ZRT Lab, Zurn

Mobility Aids & Equipment
Canes, Cane Accessories, Crutches, Crutch Accessories, Leg & Thigh Lifters, Lift Chairs, Lifting Cushions, Motorized Scooters, Motorized Scooter Accessories, Reaching Aids, Standers & Standing Supports, Walkers, Walker Accessories, Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Accessories

Top Brands in Mobility Aids & Equipment
Ableware, Alex, Carex Health Brands, Clarke Health Care, Crutcheze, DMI, Drive Medical, Duro-Med, Essential Medical Supply, Freedom, How Helpful, Hugo Mobility, Invacare, King Of Canes, Maxi-Aids, Medline, MedMobile, Mountain Properties, Nova, Occunomix, Penco, PikStik, Roscoe Medical, Standers, Uplift Technologies, Zipr
Pain Relievers
Alternative Pain Relief, Arthritis, Aspirin, Hemorrhoid Care, Hot & Cold Therapies, Joint & Muscle Pain Relief, Menstrual Pain Relief, Migraine Relief, Non-Aspirin, Oral Pain Relief, Rubs & Ointments, Urinary Tract Infection Treatments

Top Brands in Pain Relievers
Abreva, ACE, Advil, Anuice, Bayer, Biofreeze, Boiron, BP Medical Supplies, Caldera, Carex Health Brands, Children's Advil, Closys, Core Products, Elasto-Gel, Fashy, Health o Meter, Heel, Hyland's Homeopathic, Kirkland, Members Mark, Mueller, Penetrex, Preparation H, Pro Med, Reliamed, Salonpas, Sombra, Sunbeam, Tiger Balm, Tucks, Tylenol, Uni-Patch/Tyco, Vagisil, Vantelin, Venapro, Venture Heat, Veridian Healthcare, VGH Solutions, Vicks, VitalWear, Vitamin Source, Vitamin World, Vitanica, VITANUTRICALS, VitaNutricals, Vitaplus, Warm Whiskers, Watkins, WaxWel, WellPatch, Wellspring Product Inc., Wong To Yick, WR Medical Electronics, Wrapables, Wu Yang, WYETH, Yama's Herbs, Yulin, Yunnan Baiyao, Zandu, Zantac 150, ZENMED, Zheng Gu, Zilactin, Zoller, Zostrix, Zyrtec

Sleep & Snoring
Medicinal Sleep Aids, Nasal Strips, Sleeping Masks, Snore Reducing Aids

Top Brands in Sleep & Snoring
Alteril, Avalon Aire, BioBrite, Breathe Right, Bucky, Chiroflow, Contour, Dream Essentials, Earth Therapeutics, Enzymatic, Hyland's Homeopathic, Kirkland, Lewis N. Clark, Members Mark, Natrol, Nature Made, Now Foods, Respironics, Schiff, SnorepinTM, Snorestop, Snore Eliminator, Source Naturals, Talentstar, Unisom, Vital Health, Vitanica, Vivarin, Webber, Willowbee

Smoking Cessation
Nicotine Gums & Lozenges, Nicotine Patches, Smokeless Inhalers

Top Brands in Smoking Cessation
Arizer, Chi-Town Vapers, Commit, Dermathol, Equate, Glaxo Smith Kline, Habitrol, iolite, Magic Flight, Members Mark, Nicoderm, Nicorette, Nicorette Gum, Nicotine, Nicotrol, Nicotrol Nicotine Gum, Novartis, Nunaturals, One Step, Smoke Deter, TarGard

Health Te
sts, Drug Tests, Blood Sugar Tests, Cholesterol Tests, Colorectal Disease Tests, HIV Tests

Top Brands in Tests
AlcoMate, AZO, babi, BD, Best Medical Direct, CardioChek, Clearblue, Contec, Devon Medical, Early Pregnancy Tests, Fairhaven Health, FertileCM, First Check, First Response, Home Access, OV-Watch, Pedifix, Ph Test Strips, Polymer Technologies, Trojan,, Viaguard, Welch Allyn, Wondfo, ZRT Lab
Oral, Rectal, Fertility, Ear

Top Brands in Thermometers
3M, ACE, American Diagnostic, Aube by Honeywell, BD, Braun, BRAUN, Exergen, Fairhaven Health, Graco, LifeSource, Mabis, Omron, Physician Supplies, Physio Logic, Primatene, Safety 1st, Santamedical, SFO Medical, Summer Infant, The First Years, ThermoScan, Veridian, Vicks, Welch Allyn

Massage & Relaxation
Aromatherapy, Magnetic Therapy, Massage Lotions, Massage Oils, Electric Massagers, Professional Massage Equipment, Massage Tools

Top Brands in Massage & Relaxation
Arizer, Bamboo Back Scratcher, BestMassage, Body Back Company, Dr. Scholl's, Due North, Earthlite, Edens Garden, Hitachi, HoMedics, Jelique, Kikkerland, LGMedSupply, Master Massage, Nature's Alchemy, Now Foods, Oster, Palmer's, Plantlife, Prosepra, Roger Enterprises, RubRocks, The Pressure Positive Company, The Sharper Image, The Stick, Thera Cane, Wahl, Xela, XpresSpa, Yakshi, Yankee Candle, Yellowstone Bees, YINUANER, York Barbell, Young Living, YS, Zensual, Zents, Zum

Nutrition Bars & Shakes
Nutrition Bars, Nutrition Drinks & Shakes, Nutrition Gels

Top Brands in Bars & Shakes
5 Hour Energy, Applied Nutrition, Atkins, BALANCE Bar, Beachbody, Bio Nutritional, Clif, Cytosport, Designer Whey, EAS, Ensure, FRS, Garden of Life, Gnu Foods, KIND, Larabar, Lifetime, Luna, Met-Rx, MuscleTech, Now Foods, NuGo, Nutiva, Nutribiotic, Optimum Nutrition, Pediasure, Power Crunch, PowerBar, PROBAR, Promax, Pure Protein, Quest Nutrition, Six Star, Slim-Fast, Special K, Sundesa, Tiger's Milk, USP Labs, WorldWide, WW Pure Protein, Xtreme Formulations, YouBar, Young Living, Zevia, Zipvit, Zone, Zone Perfect, Zrii

Digital, Mechanical

Top Brands in Scales
American Weigh Scales, Biggest Loser, BNF, Borg, Conair, EatSmart, Escali, GSI, Health o Meter, HemingWeigh, HoMedics, Ideaworks, iFits, IronMan, LifeSource, My Weigh, NewLine, Omega, Omron, Ozeri, Salter, ScalesGalore, Seca Scales, Soehnle, Sunbeam, Sunny Health & Fitness, Tanita, Taylor, TFY, Thinner Scale by Conair, Vogue Professional, WeighMax, Weight Watchers, Whynter
Vitamins & Supplements
Antioxidants, Enzymes, Essential Fatty Acid, Combinations, Glandular Extracts, Herbal Supplements, Minerals, Multi-Enzymes, Multiple Vitamin-Mineral Supplements, Vitamins & Multivitamins, Fiber Supplements

Top Brands in Vitamins & Supplements
5 Hour Energy, Alive and Aware Natural Health, Amazing Grass, Barlean's Organic Oils, BSN, Citracal, Con-Cret, Controlled Labs, Coromega, Country Life, DEVA Vegan Vitamins, Doctor's Best, Enzymatic, Garden of Life, Good n Natural, Healthforce, Jarrow, Kirkland, Life Extension, Lil Critters, Nature Made, Nature's Way, Navitas Naturals, New Chapter, Nordic Naturals, Now Foods, Nutrex, Optimum Nutrition, pHion Balance, Rainbow Light, Schiff, Serious Nutrition Solutions, Source Naturals, Stevita Co., Sundown, Sustenex, Universal, USP Labs, Vitafusion, Wachters, Organic Sea Products, Wai Lana, Wakunaga, WAKUNGA OF AMERICA, Walmark, Warren Laboratories, WaterOz, Watkins, Watson Rugby, Webber Naturals, Weider, Weil, Weil Nutritional Supplements, Weleda, Wellements, Wellesse, Wellness Resources, Wendy's Herbs and Botanicals, Western Herbal and Nutrition, Wet, White Egret, Whites of East Hampton, WholeHealth, Windmill, Wisdom Herbs, Wisdom Natural Brands, Wisdom Of The Ancients, Wise Ways Herbals, Wise Woman Herbals, Wissotzky Tea, Wobenzym, WOHO, Women's Health Care, Wonder Laboratories, Woodstock, WooHoo Natural, World Organics, Worldwide Sport Nutrition, Worldwide Sports, Xero Limits, Xlear, XPI, Xrated, Xtreme Formulations, Xyloburst, Xymogen, Yama's Herbs, Yasoo Health, Yerba Prima, Yogi Teas, Young Living, Your Health Supply, YS, Yummi Bears, Zahler's, Zak Designs, Zand, Zantrex, Zen, ZEO Health, Zia, ZizZazz, Zone Bars, Zone Perfect, Zorbitz Inc., Zyrtec

Weight-Loss Products
Appetite Control & Suppressants, Diet Bars, Diet, Shakes, Diuretics, Supplements

Top Brands in Weight-Loss Products
ACAI Fat Burn #3, alli, Apidexin, Atkins, Bob Harper, FormaGenix, Gaspari Nutrition, Healthforce, Hoodia Ultra, H. Research Institute, Irwin Naturals, Met-Rx, MSM, MuscleMaster, MuscleTech, Natural Factors, NuGo, Nutrex, Ony Natural, Phenemine, Phenphedrine, Promax, Quest Nutrition, SENSA, Slim-Fast, SlimQuick, Super Hoodia, TGL Nutrition, The Raw Food World, USP Labs, XC Labs, Xenadrine, Zantrex, Zija, Zone Perfect

Personal Care

Deodorants & Antiperspirants
Antiperspirants, Deodorants, Combination, Deodorants & Antiperspirants, Men's Deodorants & Antiperspirants

Top Brands in Deodorants & Antiperspirants
adidas, Adidas Deodorants, Arm & Hammer, Arrid, Aubrey Organics, AXE, Certain Dri, Clubman, Corad Healthcare Inc., Crystal, Davidoff, Degree, Dial, Dove, English Leather, Gillette, Giorgio Armani, Herbal Clear, Herban Cowboy, Irish Spring, Jack Black, Lavilin, Maxim Sensitive Anti-Perspirant Deodora, Mennen, MenScience Androceuticals, Mitchum, Nivea, Old Spice, Ralph Lauren, Right Guard, Secret, Sure, SweatBlock, Thai Deodorant Stone, Tom's of Maine, Tussy, Vicco, Weleda
Eye Care
Contact Lens Care, Eye Drops, Lubricants & Washes, Eyeglasses Care, Reading Glasses

Top Brands in Eye Care
ADC, Alcon, Apex Healthcare Products, Bausch & Lomb, Biotrue, Boston, Ciba Vision, Clear Care, DMV, Fisherman Eyewear, Flents, General, Innoxa, Life Extension, Lobob, Murine, OCuSOFT, Opti-Free, Optx 20/20, Renu, Rohto, Sante, Sensitive Eyes, SHOPZEUS, Similasan, Systane, Thera Tears, Visine, Welch Allyn, Whimsee, Winkology, Wizard, Wolverine, Z&D, Zeiss, Zeppelin, Zoom, ZZEYEWEAR

Feminine Hygiene
Alternative Protection, Deodorants, Female Moisturizers, Feminine Powders, Panty Liners, Sanitary Napkins, Tampons

Top Brands in Feminine Hygiene
Always, AZO, Diva International, Doctor's, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Emerita, Enzymatic, Estroven, EvoFem, Faultless, Johnson & Johnson, K-Y, Kotex, Life-Flo, Mendapause, Monistat, Motherlove, Natracare, Natural Radiance, o.b., Poise, Pure Essence, Rainbow Light, Remifemin, RepHresh, Replens, Seventh Generation, Solaray, Source Naturals, Stayfree, Tampax, Tena, Vagisil, Very Private, Vitanica, Western Family, Whisper, WillowPads, Wise, Women's Health, Yama's Herbs, Yeastgard Advanced, Yeastrol, Young Living

Men's Grooming
Grooming & Shaving, Fragrance, Skin Care, Cleansers, Bath & Body, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair & Scalp Treatments, Hair Styling Products

Top Brands in Men's Grooming
Agadir, American Crew, Axe, BaBylissPRO, Billy Jealousy, Brazilian Blowout, Bundle Monster, Burt's Bees, Calvin Klein, Cetaphil, CHI, CND Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, Conair, Dashing, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, DS Laboratories, Gelish, Giorgio Armani, Kirkland Signature, KONAD Nail Art, MAVALA, Millennium Tanning Products, Moroccanoil, NAUTICA, Nioxin, Obagi Medical, Olay, OPI, Paul Mitchell, Philips, Pro Med, Proactiv Solution, Q-Tips, Ralph Lauren, Remington, RoC, Rogaine, SHANY Cosmetics, Skin Laboratory, Thermal Spa, Timeless Skin Care, Tweezerman, Wahl, Xen-Tan, Xeonix Pendulums, XFusion, XOXO, XpresSpa, XQ, Xtended Beauty, Yacht, Yakshi Fragrances, Yardley, Yardley of London, yarok, Yellow and Pink Barrettes, Yes To, Yoanna Skin Care, Yogi, Yohji Yamamoto, YonKa, YOSHIWARE, Young Living Essential Oils, Young Skin, YoungBlood, Your Crown and Glory, Youthair, Youthful Essentials, YSL, Yu Be, Yuko, Yummy Earth, YunHong Nail, Yves Décor, Yves Rocher, Yves Saint Laurent, Z'Luxe, Z. Bigatti, Zadro, ZAJA, Zan Zusi, Zazendi, Zen, Zenith, ZENMED, Zenmed, Zeno, Zents, Zenzei Skincare, Zermat International, Zero Frizz, Zerran, Zest, Zeva Natural Nails, Zhen, Zia, Zim's Crack Crème, Zink Color, Zinka, Zion Health, ZIP, ZIRH, Zirh International, Zo Skin Health, Zodiac Baby, Zoe, Zona, Zoo On Yoo, Zorbitz Inc., Zotos, Zoya, Zum, Zury, ZuZu Luxe, Zwilling, Zyrca
Oral Hygiene
Breath Fresheners, Dental Floss & Flossers, Dental Mirrors, Dental Picks, Denture Care, Gum Stimulators, Mouthwash, Oral Irrigators, Oral Pain Relief, Manual Toothbrushes, Power Toothbrushes, Teeth Whitening, Toothpaste

Top Brands in Oral Hygiene
ACT, Archtek, Arm & Hammer, Biotene, Braun, BreathRx, Butler, Closys, Colgate, Crest, Dr. Collins, Dr. Harold Katz, Dr. Tung's, Generic, Gillette, Glide, Instant White Smile, Listerine, Opalescence, Oral B, Panasonic, Philips, Preserve, Reach, Rembrandt, Retainer Brite, Sensodyne, SmartMouth, Sonicare, Spinbrush, Steripod, The Doctor's, Tom's of Maine, Tongue Sweeper, ULTRADENT, USP Labs, Waterpik, Weleda, Xlear, Xyla, Young Living, Zoft, Zooth

Creams, Balms & Aftershaves
Shaving Creams, Aftershaves, Aftershave Astringents & Treatments

Top Brands in Creams, Balms & Aftershaves
AMERICAN CREW, American Crew, Anthony Logistics for Men, Aramis, Art of Shaving, Billy Jealousy, Bump Patrol, Clubman, Colonel Conk, Cremo Cream, Dana, Dermalogica, Edge, Edwin Jagger, Gillette, Jack Black, L'Oreal Paris, Lab Series, Mennen, Neutrogena, NIVEA, Noxzema, Pacific Shaving Company, Paul Sebastian, PFB Vanish, Philips, Proraso, PRORASO, Remington, Royal Copenhagen, Satin Care, Speick, Taylor, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Tend Skin, The Art of Shaving, Truefitt & Hill, Van Der Hagen, Wahl, Weleda, Whish, Williams, Yves Saint Laurent, ZIRH

Manual Shaving, Electric Shavers, Men's, Women's

Top Brands in Shaving
Braun, Clio Designs, Edwin Jagger, Feather, Gillette, Goodmans, HQRP, Merkur, Norelco, Optimus, Oster, Panasonic, Parker Safety Razor, Philips, Ragalta, Remington, Sanyo, Schick, Seiko, Wahl

Hair Removal
Bleaching, Depilatories, Electrolysis, Epilators, Personal, Groomers, Trimmers & Clippers, Tweezers, Waxing, Replacements & Accessories

Top Brands in Hair Removal
Alice, Ambi, Andis, Braun, Clean & Easy, Cleancut, Conair, Emjoi, Epilady, FantaSea, GiGi, MANGROOMER, Merkur, Moom, NAD'S, Nair, Panasonic, Parissa, Philips, Remington, Revlon, Rubis, Sally Hansen, Satin Smooth, Seiko, Silk'n, Surgi, Surgiwax, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Tweezerman

Sexual Wellness
Contraceptives, Condoms, Enhancers, Female Contraceptives, Lubricants, Personal Massagers, Spermicides, Novelties, Sexual Enhancers

Top Brands in Sexual Wellness
Astroglide, AWM, Bodywise, Bulgeinbulk, California Exotic Novelties, Caution Wear, Classic Erotica, CondomMan, Crown, Durex, Gun Oil, I-D, K-Y, Kama Sutra, LifeStyles, Liquid Silk, Nasstoys, OKAMOTO, OneStopNY, Pjur, Pre~Seed, Slippery Stuff, Trojan, Victoria's Secret, Westridge Laborotories, Wet, Wet Lubricant, y2
Body, Eyes, Face, Lips, Makeup Palettes, Makeup Remover, Makeup, Sets, Nails, Brushes & Applicators

Top Brands in Makeup
Alba Botanica, Almay, Ardell, BR, Burt's Bees, butter LONDON, CND Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, COVERGIRL, Derma E Natural Bodycare, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Ecco Bella, EcoTools, Elf Cosmetics, Fusion Beauty, Garden Botanika, Japonesque, L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline, Nailtiques, NARS, Neutrogena, Nicole by OPI, OPI, Paula Dorf, Philosophy, Prestige, Revlon, SHANY Cosmetics, Stila, Studio Secrets, Sue Devitt

Skin Care
Body, Eyes, Face, Feet, Hands & Nails, Lips, Maternity, Sets, Sun Care

Top Brands in Skin Care
Aveeno, Avene, Banana Boat, Bio-Oil, Burt's Bees, Cetaphil, Clarisonic, Clean & Clear, Cleanwell, Dermalogica, Designer Skin, Dial, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, eb5, Eos, Eucerin, Frownies, Glytone, L'Oreal Paris, La Roche-Posay, Mederma, Millennium Tanning Products, Natural Ice, NEOCUTIS, Neutrogena, Now Foods, Obagi Medical, Olay, Philosophy, RoC, Seki Edge, SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, WELEDA, X3 Clean, Yes To, Zeno, Zia Natural Skincare

Hair Care
Conditioners, Hair & Scalp Treatments, Hair Color, Hair Loss Products, Hair Perms & Texturizers, Hair Relaxers, Shampoos, Shampoo Plus Conditioner, Shampoo & Conditioner Sets, Styling Products, Styling Tools Advertisement

Top Brands in Hair Care
AMERICAN CREW, Andis, BaBylissPRO, BioSilk, Bumble and Bumble, Burt's Bees, Conair, Denman, DevaConcepts, Elchim, ghd PROFESSIONAL, Head & Shoulders, HerStyler, Hot Tools, Infiniti by Conair, Izunami, Johnson & Johnson, Just for Men, Kirkland Signature, L'Oreal Paris, Neutrogena, Nexxus, NIOXIN, Pantene, Procerin, Progaine, Pureology, Remington, Revlon, Rogaine, Scunci, Selsun Blue, TIGI, TurboIon, Tweezerman, Vidal Sassoon, Viviscal

Women, Men, Children, Sampler Sets, Gift Sets

Top Brands in Fragrance
Adidas, Aquolina, Azzaro, Burberry, BVLGARI, Calvin Klein, Christian Audigier, Clinique, Cuba, Davidoff, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, Elizabeth Arden, Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, GUESS, Guy Laroche, Halston, Hugo Boss, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica McClintock, Jessica Simpson, Joop!, Juicy Couture, Kenneth Cole, Kenzo, Kim Kardashian, Lancome, Lanvin, Liz Claiborne, Lucky You, MARC JACOBS, NAUTICA, Paco Rabanne, Paris Hilton, Paul Sebastian, Perry Ellis, Ralph Lauren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Swiss Army, Usher, Versace, Weil, With Love Hilary Duff, Worth, Yves Saint Laurent, Zirh International
Gifts & Sets
Bags & Cases, Bath Accessories, Bath Sets, Brushes & Application Sets, Grooming Kits, Fragrance Sets, Makeup Sets, Shaving Essentials, Skin Care Sets

All Bath & Body
Cleansers, Body Treatments, Bombs, Bubbles, Soaks, Moisturizers, Accessories, Hair Removal, Sun Care, Sets

Top Brands in All Bath & Body
Ahava, AMERICAN CREW, Aveeno, Avon, Aztec Secret, BaBylissPRO, Bath & Body Works, Bio-Oil, Bliss, Body Toolz, Brazilian, Blowout, Bundle Monster, Burt's Bees, Cetaphil, CHI, CND Cosmetics, Coastal Scents, Conair, Dashing, Dove, DS Laboratories, Gelish, Infinty by Conair, Kirkland Signature, KONAD Nail Art, L'Occitane, MAVALA, Millennium Tanning Products, Moroccanoil, NAUTICA, NIOXIN, Obagi Medical, Olay, OPI, Philips, Philosophy, Pro Med, Proactiv Solution, Q-Tips, Remington, RoC, Rogaine, SHANY Cosmetics, Skin Laboratory, The Body Shop, Thermal Spa, Timeless Skin Care, Tweezerman, W7 Cosmetics, Wai Lana, Water Works, Watt Pink, Watts Beauty, Wave Builder, Wave Nouveau, Weave Aide, Weider, Weil, Weil Paris, Welch Allyn, Weleda, Welforth, Well In Hand, Wella, Wellness, Wen, WendyLous Natural Bath, Wet n Wild, Wet Ones, Wetline Pro, Whish, White Diamonds, White Linen, White Orchid, White Rain, White Sage Herbals, White Sands, Whites of East Hampton, Whole World Botanicals, Widu, Wig, WIG MAGIC USA, Wig Pro, Wigo, Wigs By MissTresses, Wild, Wild Ferns, Wild Natural Beauty, Willow Whispers - Organic Spa Products, Willowbee, Wilma Schumann, WinCraft, Windisch, Winstonia, Wise Ways Herbals, WiseWays, Wmu, Wonder, Wonder Pro, Wonder Products, Woods of Windsor, Woody's, Worth, Worthy, Wrapables, WrinkleSystem, WS Bath Collections, Wusthof, Wyndmere, X-Fusion, X5 Superlite, Xen-Tan, Xeonix Pendulums, XFusion, Xotic Eyes, XOXO, XpresSpa, Xtended Beauty, Xtreme, Y.S.Park, Yacht Man, Yakshi Fragrances, Yankee Candle, Yardley London, yarok, YCC Products, Yellow, Yellow and Pink Barrettes, Yellowstone Bees, Yes To, Yin Yang Beauty Group, Yoanna Skin Care, Yohji Yamamoto, Yonka, Yosh, Young Living Essential Oils, Young Skin, Youngblood, Your Crown and Glory, Youthair, Youthful Essentials, YSL, Yu-Be, Yuko, Yum Gourmet Skincare, Yummy Earth, YunHong Nail, Yves, Z, Z Palette, Z'Luxe, Z. Bigatti, Zadro, ZAJA Natural, Zakia's Morocco, Zazendi, Zegna, ZEN, Zenith Products, ZENMED, Zeno, Zensation, Zents, Zenzei Skincare, Zermat International, Zero Frizz, Zero to Sexy, Zerran, Zest, Zeva Natural Nails, Zhen, Zhoe, Zia Cosmetics, Zia Natural Skin Care, Zim's, Zink Color, Zinka, Zion Health, ZIP Stick, Zippity Doo's, ZIRH, Zirh International, ZO, Zodiac Baby, Zoe, Zona, Zoo On Yoo, Zorbitz Inc., Zotos, Zoya, Zum, Zury, Zuzu Luxe, Zwilling, Zyrca
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