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Adobe Dreamweaver: Adobe Dreamweaver is the industry-leading, web authoring software that provides both visual and code-level capabilities for creating standards-based websites and designs for the desktop, smartphones, tablets, and other devices as well.

Dreamweaver is also a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which means, what you see in your visual editor is exactly what you get online.

With Adobe Dreamweaver you can design visually in visual mode or directly in code mode. You can develop pages with content management systems and test browser compatibility with Adobe BrowserLab online service.
Adobe Dreamweaver features:

-Integrated CMS support
-CSS inspection
-PHP custom class code hinting
-Integration with Business Catalyst
-CSS starter pages
-Maintain consistency across media
-Subversion support
-Site-specific code hinting
-Integration with Adobe BrowserLab
-Simple site setup and more
Using the unified platform and without back-end coding, you can build everything from amazing websites to powerful online stores. And building your online store is as simple as reading and following the tutorials in the software manual.

Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent editing program to edit website templates as well. Or, you can visit TemplateMonster to get ideas on design and layout schemes for your own website and then build your site accordingly.

Adobe also provides customer help and support via live chat or by phone.

For more information on Adobe Dreamweaver please visit Adobe at
CoffeeCup HTML Editor

CoffeeCup HTML Editor (or current version) is another top ranked HTML program which has received excellent reviews from some of the best in the business and is one of the best selling products in the HTML editor category.

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. What you see in your visual interface is what you’ll see in your web browser online. And CoffeeCup comes packed with special features and options.
CoffeeCup HTML Editor features:

-Comprehensive, easy-to-understand help manual
-Professionally designed templates
-Built-in HTML validation tool
-Code completion
-CSS Menu Builder
-Support for several coding languages
-Multi-file replacements
-Customizable work space and more

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is user friendly and perfect for beginners and professionals as well. CoffeeCup provides an in-program interface to learn each step of the way. And one unique feature in CoffeeCup is that it shows you any errors in the code, tells you why the errors are there and how to easily fix them.

Help & Support for CoffeeCup Software includes: community forums, in-program manual, integrated teaching aids, newsletters, FAQs, online support through email, phone support for registered users, and product training from the program creators themselves.

CoffeeCup Editor is easy to learn and use and is very affordable as well which makes CoffeeCup HTML Editor a top pick for anyone and everyone. No HTML knowledge required.

For more information on CoffeeCup HTML Editor please visit the CoffeeCup website at:
Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional

Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional (or current version) is a complete set of professional design and development tools which includes three professional applications:

-Expression Web
-Expression Encoder
-Expression Design
Microsoft Expression Web gives you the tools you need to produce high-quality, standards-based web sites. Whether working with PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET or ASP.NET AJAX, Expression Web makes it fast to create and maintain exceptional web sites.

With visual & CSS diagnostic tools, cross-browser debugging features, and SEO compatibility reports, Expression Web makes it easy to create search engine optimized, modern standards-based web sites.

Expression Design allows you to create compelling graphic designs and illustrations with ease. You can integrate vector artwork and bitmap images in the same document to create hybrid compositions that you can import in part or in whole into Expression Web.

With Microsoft Expression Encoder, you can import and encode video files, produce live webcasts, enhance media with watermarks and advertising, and publish with Microsoft Silverlight.

Microsoft Expression Design is the perfect companion to Expression Web. You can leverage existing artwork or use drawing tools to build vector assets with their fidelity maintained throughout the entire design-development workflow.

Top features include:

-Three professional applications for one low price
-Create professional graphics for your site
-Encode Silverlight video for Web streaming
-Broad support for Industry-Standard Technologies
-Broad Web Standards Support

Microsoft provides an in-program manual, a printed manual, newsletters, community forums, online and phone support as well.

Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional is easy to learn and use. Simply read and follow the tutorials and you’ll be well on your way to building your own website online.
For more information on Microsoft Expression Studio Web Professional please visit Microsoft at:
Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE (or current version) is a great HTML editor for developers who are looking to build extraordinary websites with unlimited capabilities. Komodo provides multiple coding language support for HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Perl and many other languages as well.
And whether you develop for Windows, Mac or Linux, Komodo is a fast, full-featured IDE program that you can rely on. Komodo IDE has a wealth of features as well to help you get your development work done faster.

Komodo IDE also adds a Database Explorer, Publishing, and a re-designed Places/Project Manager as well.

Komodo IDE features:

-Text editor
-HTML validator
-Page preview
-Save pages as HTML with DTD
-Color coding
-Tag completion
-FTP or Site manager
-Search and replace
-Edit JavaScript
-Edit CSS
-Edit PHP, ASP, or JSP
-Database connectivity
-Free templates
-Free scripts
-Customizable or extendable

More features include: editing and debugging, intelligent tools for regular expressions, team development, customization and extensibility. And a single license covers you across Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

ActiveState Software provides help and support for Komodo IDE via an extensive in-program manual, online and phone support for registered users, product training, community forums, newsletters, and an online blog as well.

Komodo IDE is an amazing website development program that is not that difficult to learn and use which makes Komodo IDE another top pick web building program.

For more information on Komodo IDE visit the ActiceState website at
Intuit Website Creator

Intuit Website Creator is a subscription based, all-in-one website builder that lets you customize ready-made website designs within minutes.

Website Creator offers a user-friendly interface and the most templates of any application of its kind. And with Website Creator you can quickly and easily create customized websites choosing from thousands of templates and royalty-free stock photos without a background in coding or HTML knowledge.
Intuit Website Creator provides inclusive drag-and-drop functionality and step-by-step instructions on how to build a professional website to sell merchandise online.

And for a low monthly subscription rate, Intuit provides hosting and storage for your site on the internet in addition to website creation.

Intuit Website features:

-Easy Pick a Design Options: Choose from thousands of templates
-Customizing options: Adjust wording, images & forms with one click
-No Coding Required: Create your website with easy-to-use tools
-Point & Click to Customize: Easily adjust colors & change wording
-Drag & Drop Images: Add product images & business logos
-Update Anytime: Make changes as you go
-Drive Customers to You: Increase your prominence in web searches
-Sell Products & Services: Open your web store & accept payments 24/7
-Go Social: Add Twitter & Facebook widgets & stay connected with your customers and more.

Intuit Website Creator offers one of the simplest approaches to website creation while reducing a complex process into a few easy steps.

Help and support for Intuit customers includes step-by-step instruction guides, an Intuit community of Intuit pros and small business owners, live advice from Intuit web advisors, a FAQ section, chat, forums, phone and email support and professional web design services as well.

Intuit Website Creator provides all the necessary tools for small business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals alike, especially those without HTML or web design knowledge which makes Intuit Website Creator another top pick.

For more information on Intuit Website Creator please visit Intuit at
WebEasy Professional

WebEasy Professional (or current version) has become one of the best selling website builder programs for Windows. And with WebEasy Professional you can build a great website within hours.

WebEasy guides you every step of the way with built-in templates and e-commerce tools. And best of all, no programming or HTML knowledge is needed.
Everything you need to create an effective website is included within the WebEasy Professional package. And in just one-click WebEasy publishes your website online for the whole world to see.

WebEasy Professional features:

-Create a Web Site with Drag-and-Drop Simplicity
-Choose from 600+ Professionally-Designed Website Templates
-Easy & Powerful Search Engine Optimization Tools
-No Programming Required! Automatically Generates HTML Code
-Free 3 months secure web hosting included

With the WebEasy Professional e-commerce plan you can create an effective and compelling online store with ease. WebEasy provides everything you need to help get your website up and running with features and options such as shopping carts, real-time, secure transaction processing, email capture and more.

Avanquest Software provides help and support for WebEasy customers via their knowledge base, frequently asked questions, live chat, email support, and contact information.

WebEasy Professional allows you to create effective and professional websites without having any HTML or coding knowledge which makes WebEasy Professional another top pick.

For more information on WebEasy Professional please visit Avanquest Software at
Xara Web Designer

Xara Web Designer (or current version) is an easy to use, template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, with no HTML skills required.

With Web Designer, building a website is as simple as:

1. Pick your template design
2. Customize it with complete freedom
3. Then publish and upload to the web
Xara Web Designer Templates include individual web graphics, complete pages and even pre-built multi-page sites as well. Web Designer also includes customizable web graphics, webpage and professional website template designs plus tools for creating your own vector graphics, for image editing, and for advanced text layout.

The Designs Gallery also includes a collection of Widgets as well. You can customize the color, text, images, size etc to create your own personal look with ease.

You can also use drag and drop to place anything, anywhere on the web page. And things which are normally difficult to achieve in HTML are easy to do within the Web Designer interface.

Web Designer is also a WYSIWYG program. So what you see in Web Designer is exactly what you get online.

Help and support for Web Designer customers includes a product manual, tutorials, FAQs, an extensive knowledgebase, and email and phone contact as well.

Xara Web Designer is user friendly and requires no HTML or coding knowledge to build great websites online which makes Xara Web Designer another top pick.

For more information on Xara Web Designer please visit

WebPlus (or current version) is an excellent, all-in-one website design program that lets you build full-featured websites online.

No HTML skills required.

Drag-and-drop simplicity, an intuitive interface, and powerful tools help you design sites quickly and easily, even if you’ve never built a website before.

WebPlus features:

-Design with drag-and-drop simplicity, no HTML required
-6-months free hosting, web address, and email
-Beautiful templates that are easy to customize
-Comprehensive e-commerce with step-by-step setup wizards
-Interactive gadgets, live feeds, and multimedia streaming
-Unlimited sites, pages, web gadgets, and store items
-Management tools to help with SEO and maintaining sites
-Design and image editing tools built-in so there’s no need to buy or learn any other image editing software

With WebPlus, you can design and create websites from scratch or use one of the professionally-designed website templates included to get your website up and running as quickly as possible. WebPlus provides website templates to suit everyone and customizing them is easy to do without any HTML knowledge.

Simply drag and drop what you want, such as buttons, product images, and text onto your web page and you’re done. And it’s just as easy to add headers, banners or anything else you might want to add to your website. You can even change the entire color scheme in just a couple of clicks as well.

Serif has also teamed up with popular shopping cart providers such as PayPal, RomanCart, and Mal’s so you can be sure your website will work smoothly when doing business online.

With WebPlus, you could be selling your products and services online within minutes! Setting up an online store is easy to do. WebPlus wizard will take you step-by-step through everything you need to do to get your online store up and running with ease. And you can add as many items as you like and even include different pricing based on color, size, model, etc...

Help and support for WebPlus customers includes email and phone support, and tutorials which include step-by-step examples for creating professional websites online.

WebPlus makes designing and uploading professional-quality websites simple and easy – and you don’t need to know HTML as WebPlus handles all the code writing behind the scenes which makes WebPlus another top pick.

For more information on WebPlus please visit Serif at 
More top, web building software programs:

-Web Studio
-Yola Silver
-Web Page Maker
-ThunderSite Deluxe
-NetObjects Fusion

NOTE: Free trials are available from the manufacturers’ website. 
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